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Introduction (English)
Your TKOverkill Special Operations Command (hereafter TKOSOC) Reps are Anarchy, dStole, Q, Reaper. Please contact us for any questions/concerns you may have.

Welcome to TKOVERKILL. Based in Tokyo, we started this team as a portal to play airsoft in 2006. We try to arrange games tri-weekly at fields in and around Tokyo. Our games revolve around a bunch of skirmishing scenarios (not Mil-Sim) and we're open to those looking to have some good 'ol fashioned fun.

Gaming Style
Made up of players with very different skill sets, we come together to have high quality fun. And although not mil-sim, we run our games in a tactical manner and hinder away from non-sensical spray-n-pray. As such, our games incorporate a cap-limit on bb's with an exception of a few scenarios. We treat this sport much like a gentleman's sport and do not tolerate cheaters nor those with a weak sense of the honour system. Still sounds interesting? Read on...

Core Values
Fun, Safety, Fairplay - Each core value is as important as the other and must all exist for any one to work. Now this is much easier said than done and as such, we only encourage those with open minds who are willing to adhere to our rules to join our games.

What better way to relief all that pent up stress than to deck out in full gear and shoot your friends again and again? What can I say? This is the whole reason you're reading this in the first place right? Big Grin

We prioritize this above all for all the obvious reasons.


Now this is the crucial one for everyone to have fun. We will not hesitate to remind problematic players of the rules and if necessary; ban them from future events. As you might already know, Airsoft is all about the honour system. Unlike paintball, shots don't leave a mark and it is up to each one to "honour" the shots. (see "Rules" post for details) A few guidelines are as such:
1. Do not feel bad or lousy about being shot out.
2. Honour your opponent's effort spent to place that hit upon you, it doesn't always come easily
3. If you don't know where the shot came from, you're out.

Still interested in Joining?
We require that each group who joins nominate a group representative (GR).
1. GR's are responsible for everyone in their group and are vital contact points. Always appoint a deputy if the regular representative is not coming.
2. When anyone has an issue, (fun, safety, fairplay) bring it up with your GR who will either take action or discuss with other GRs to take the appropriate actions. This is so that a familiar face is the one relaying reminders or warning messages to avoid any ugliness.
3. As such, each GR must lead by example and be active about keeping their members in check at all times.

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