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Invited Game (Peacemaker) - Battle City Union - 30/11/2008
It was great fun, and here's the 'proof':

[Image: 3078603602_d77fcc0ff5.jpg?v=0]

[EDIT by Anarchy : Great pic Daniel!]
thanks Hawk, good fun.

My score:
-Survived twice (well hidden)
-killed once by friendly fire ("cover me!")
-2 kills (one by chance, one by full mag)
-died most of the times (out-gunned, out-ranged, out of place...)

ah ah, I'll have to improve for sure ;-)
Cheers all for making Sunday a great game!

Hope you all enjoyed it even though there were 2 hr break between games and die hards on the opposition, I know I did ^_^

Wagonofdoom could you see if Diedra would like to upload the photos she took as well?
she did in a nother thread

Lionel, i am now a grenade lover
after i got that first guy out with one, and hten two launcers after that, i dont even need a gun lol

i love this game

see you all at hachioji
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