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Games to play
Silverman just looked too damn comfortable in that arm chair - I couldn't resist Tongue
(21-12-2008, 12:06 PM)Ghost Wrote: Silverman just looked too damn comfortable in that arm chair - I couldn't resist Tongue

In reality there was no choice, there was no way we were gonna get him out of there alive. So putting him out of his misery was the best thing we could for him.
Una Salus Victus
eh! I just found this post! no fair!

At least I shot you guys too!
Take and Hold:

Primary objective is to capture the oposing teams flag.

Once a flag is taken, it is then that teams secondary objective to hold the flag either for a set time period, or until the game time limit.

At this point, the oposing teams primary objective is cancelled, and it is their objective to re-secure their flag.

If the flag is retaken, the game is over, and a draw. If the flag is taken and held, it is a win

Why this wold work:

It will force the teams to work together, as a single man, or an uncoordinated team will have a hard time holding the flag despite being able to take it.

Also, the game type is simple (similar to capture the flag), so everyone can easily understand.


The game could be changed to take and hold a specific point rather than the oposing teams flag, though this will more likely provoke a rush to grab the point, rather than a more tactical approach if you know that the other team is already holding their flag.

VIP Ambush:

Primary objective is to escort the teams VIP to specific waypoints in a preset order on the battlefield.

At each waypoint there should be a signal to indicate the VIP progress.

It is encouraged that the team work together as a close unit to escort and protect the VIP.

If the VIP is hit, the game is over, and the VIP team looses. If the VIP is safely escorted to all waypoints in the correct order, the VIP team wins.

Why this works:

It gives a good oportunity to play planned ambush scenarios, to encourage sneakiness and forethought on the ambushing teams part, and to encourage teamwork and communication on the VIP team.

The game type is fairly simple (not many rules, just remmebering the route), so it is easily understood.


The VIP can be armed, or unarmed.

Squad Based Kill Em' All (3+ Team Deathmatch)

Many squall squads of 3-4 people are created, each set to start from edges of the battlefield. No arm bands, or additional identification are to be given to each team.

It is each teams objective to be the last standing team within the game time limit.

If only one team is left standing, they win. If the time limit expires, it is a draw between all teams (even those which have fallen).

Why this works:

Each team has to remember who their team mates are, stick close together, and work together. If they split apart, they will very likely be caught in their own teams fire, or be easily poached by the oposing teams.


Round robbin attack/defend - where every team attacks the team clockwise from themselves, and defends against the team anti-clockwise from themselves.

(Armed) Zombie Attack:

Similar to black hawk down, one team must hold a single strong point (selected prior to the match) against a zombie attack.

The zombie team may respawn as much as desired, and are encouraged to attack as aggressively as possible.

There is a time limit, though this should be generous, as the intention is that the zombie team will always win.

Why this works:

Being put in the presure situation of knowing that your team will fail, and holding out at all costs is a different feeling to most games.

This type of game also guarantees action after some of the slower paced games.


Variations on weapons, and fire modes.

Infection, so the zombie team starts out as a small force, and as they eliminate enamy team members, they also join the ranks of the zombie force.
Ghost.... thanks for a great post! Will look to add this to our list of games.
Una Salus Victus
(09-01-2009, 09:43 AM)Ghost Wrote: (Armed) Zombie Attack:

Infection, so the zombie team starts out as a small force, and as they eliminate enamy team members, they also join the ranks of the zombie force.

Really, really, really like this one! Start with one or Two Zombies and just keep going until the survivors are all turned! Also good last game to play on any given day as it will end the day on a high especailly if you've had a slow day kill wise
What games did you guys play at Seals? How did they go?
Quick list of games played at the New Year Game at Seals :

1) 2-man cell kill them all
2) 4-man cell kill them all
3) 4-man cell with Commander kill them all - only Commander gets full auto, if he falls, team is out
4) Capture the Commander - only Commander gets full auto, objective is to shoot and capture the opposition's commander and bring em to base
5) King of the hill - 20 respawns per team, team to hold the tower at time limit wins (or if one side is wiped out)
6) Subteam capture the flag - Each side is split into 2 subteams, 1 of the subteams from each side starts at the flag, the other will start from a closer position to the opponent's flag.
7) Day of the dead - A compound is designated for the survivors of a zombie infestation. Survivors get full-auto, zombies get semi-auto. Killed survivors respawn as zombies.
Dude... I think it's about Airsoft games scenario...
A while back my work group and I played a few paintball games. One of the games really stuck with me due to it being interesting. The concept of the game is that the "president" and his secret service escorts have to make it from one side of the field to the other field. The president wasn't allowed to pick up a weapon until all his secret service members were dispatched. The secret service members were supposed to stay with in 3 meters of the president.

Each secret service member can withstand up to 10 or more hits depending on the number of people trying assassinate the "president". Then there can be other counter measures put into place depending on the game organizer.

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