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[COMPLETED] Tokyo Marui M4A1 W/M203
Looking to sell: Tokyo Marui M4A1 with scope + M203 grenade launcher
Includes: 1 M203 shell, mounted laser pointer site, adjustable carbine stock, red dot sight, battery case, and touch-activated flashlight.
4 low capacity magazines w/2 magpull, 2 high cap magazines, and broken but still functional gun case. Battery included.

Fielded 3 times. Recently tuned up at Echigoya Akiba, not played with since then. Brand new trigger guard, missing decorative forward assist plunger.

Bought this from Mr. Rowe a while back to help him out of a financial pinch, but since I got a new job and more money, I'm planning on just upgrading to a brand new next-gen model as soon as it gets cool enough to play. Looking to thin the collection a bit, as it were.

Asking price: 15,000 or best offer

[Image: rifle_zps2c832d1d.jpg]

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