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[FOR SALE] Lots of AEG's, new ones added
So, I have way too many guns...Over 29 AEg Rifles. It's time to thin the collection a little.

First up: Snow Wolf AEG, It is the US version, but has been downgraded to legal Japanese limits with a Systema .9J spring. The flashhider is plastic and was bright orange, but has been sprayed Black. Asking 35,000yen
[Image: DSC00741_zps0c1cf4de.jpg]

Next up I have a TM p90 with working RDS sight. Everything in the pic is included. An ACM front rail, ACM box mag, 2 TM hi caps. I alos have a complete TM spare gearbox. One is wired to dens the other is standard Tamiya. IT IS NOT THE HIGH CYCLE VERSION. Asking 20,000yen
[Image: DSC00730_zpscdcd73b8.jpg]

That's it for now, but I have another 10 guns to post in the next few days. To include: Star M60, A&K Masada, 3 M4's, and a G36

PM me for details or more pics. Thanks, Badsailor
As promised...More guns added:
Star M60 Completely stock except for a prometheus 90 spring. Will come with 3 box mags. 1 guaranteed to work, the other 2 for parts as necessary. 20,000yen
[Image: DSC00740_zps8ec8db90.jpg]

A&K Masada, completely rebuilt by Echigoya in Akihabara. Comes with stock magpul hi cap mag(not Pictured). I can provide the list of parts for anyone interested. (list is in Japanese though) 20,000yen
[Image: DSC00739_zpsb63bbc49.jpg]

M4 built after the movie, "Leon: The Professional" missing bolt release catch. 20,000yen
[Image: DSC00738_zpsa6d9f927.jpg]

M4 DMR rifle. Has madbull front end, G&P metal body, and G&P long marine style crane stock. Comes with scope in picture. Receiver has a samll crack near the trigger guard that has been glued back in place. does not affect performance. 20,000yen
[Image: DSC00737_zps21e54315.jpg]

Hurricane SR47. Has a RS daniel defense rail, magpul UBR, Magpul MBUS, RS troy front grip, madbull sound enhancer and magpul XTM rails included. Wired for Deans. Also comes with 3 ACM High cap beta mags and 1 magpul mid cap beta mag. 60,000yen
[Image: DSC00733_zps010a6f42.jpg]

Tokyo marui G36. Comes with laylax nitro RIS, Laylax stock adapter, 2 hi cap magazines and one standard and the single point sling. NOT A HIGH CYCLE. 20,000yen
[Image: DSC00731_zps69949791.jpg]

CAW revolver launcher. Comes with 8 shells. 3 mosquito molds, 3 madpul PBR, and 2 other madbull shells.(not all shells pictured)some shells leak, need new o-rings. 25,000yen
[Image: DSCF5826-1.jpg]

MAruzen APS-2. Laylax fluted outer barrel, laylax adjustable stock, G&P steel bolt, layalx zero trigger, BSA illuminated reticle scope, 2 magazines. Bi-pod is broken 25,000yen
[Image: DSCF0298.jpg]

That's it for now, I am still debating wether or not to sell my PTW and Celcius CTW. All prices are OBO.
Masada and M60 are sold

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