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Real Steel handguard on TM?
Hey guys,

I'm not satisfied with the Madbull RIS I have on my gun and and was looking into something a little nice. I found the Troy Industries TRX handguard that looked pretty nice, but Madbull doesn't have the version long enough and in the color I want. Also, the price is like 80$ difference for the real steal, so I thought I'd go ahead and get the real steel.

I searched a bit and found this, which seems to say that a RS barrel nut would fit a TM, but that in turn it might not hold the barrel since maybe too long compared to airsoft version.

I was just wondering if any of you had any experience using RS handguards on airsoft guns?

You're asking about something illegal on TKO!?!? I'm surprised no one responded Tongue.
I don't believe that's illegal in any way. I'm not talking about parts that are involved into either making a real working firearm or converting an airsoft gun. Just instead of getting the replica of the handguard, I was suggesting using the real one instead. Both have the exact same function of being a piece of aluminum, just the quality differs.

No law against that, is there?
I went down this rabbit hole for the exact same idea of mounting a TRX on my EBB. As far as legality, the thing you have to worry about is ITAR which dictates what can be shipped outside the States. Pretty much anything mounted on a real gun is restricted. For example, I couldn't even order a light mount I wanted because it fell under this export restriction.

Now if you could get around it, fitting seems like it might work as long as the propriety nut is the same as they use on the Madbull versions. I know Echigoya sells EBBs with TRXs mounted on them, but I'm not sure if they do any cutting or other modding to make it fit. Most Mabull rails seem to be made for regular AEGs, and while TM EBBs are close, the barrel threading is a little bigger I think.

Anyhow, if you do get it to work, let me know. I wasn't willing to pull the investment or headache of possible getting the stuff confiscated by US customs.
Ah, thanks for the input Drifter.

ITAR wise, while indeed it's restricted on the US side, they actually monitor closely electronics like NVGs, lasers and such, not so much pieces of aluminum. So if you can find an ebay reseller that mails abroad, then you should be fine in my experience. I got a bunch of lights, mounts and optics like that without any problem, and those sit closer to the really monitored stuff. I actually just received an armor plate which is meant to be restricted too, no problem at all.

I have family there, so it helps with reshipping, but spending around 150$ for a handguard I might not be able to use is a little painful, so I didn't take the chance yet. Since I already have a delta ring barrel nut on my ebb though, something like VLTOR CASV or Magpul MOE would fit for sure, but most modern handguard have their own barrel nut system instead.
AFAIK, ITAR covers rails, soft and hard amour, etc. It's not just electronics. And that's the legality issue I was referring to. The legality issue is not only what someone has done wrong in the states (i.e. exported out of the country, carried it illegally out, etc.) but also fo any countries that have agreement with US.

Anyhow, as such I'd prefer is this topic of discussion stops on the TKO forum.
Roger that.

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