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WANTED - Vest and cammo shirt
Well, I took my girlfriend to her first game today with FTT, and she was so smitten with the ACTION AND ADVENTURE that she'd like to get a nice (cheap) multicam shirt and a nice (multicam or not, cheap is best) vest that can hold an AK47 mag.
Anyone able to help? She's standard Japanese girl size.
Sadly all my MC are medium sized and not so cheap :p. The Echigoya/S&Graf shops may have decent prices on the "less than real" MC BDU or combat gear.
Oh yeah, authenticity is absolutely not of any concern whatsoever. Please don't think ill of her, but I heard her use the dreaded "C" word in a somewhat jocular fashion.
That's "osplay" for the uninitiated.

Am I wrong in thinking that "medium" is a proper size for a standard Japanese girl? Small is what I should look for?
I think she probably needs foot wear before anything else, those gold boots looked dangerous Smile
If you got a credit card, I'd probably just grab a set online. Most Hong Kong based stores have decent BDU and vests for prices cheaper than you'd find in most Akiba stores. Also, there's an Amazon seller called MIL-FREAKS that has been selling HK made stuff for more reasonable prices.

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