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[SOLD] GBB KJ Works Tanio Koba M4
Straight from the GingaNinja, only fielded twice since purchased:

KJ Works Tanio Koba M4 - 35,000
Described on many forums as the best GBB out of the box for reliability and playability. This has been fully upgraded and customized!

- KJ Works M4 (25,000)
- 6 Magazines w/magpuls (18,000)
- Custom cut madbull tight bore barrel (3,000)
- Cradle Airsoft velocity Reducer (1,800)
- Cradle Airsoft O-Ring Piston (1,300)
- Madbull Daniel Defense front rail (8,500)
- FAB Defense Stock with cheek rest (8,000)
- FAB Defense Pistol Grip (3,000)
- FAB Defense Magwell grip (2,000)

[Image: RIMG0004.jpg]

[Image: RIMG0005.jpg]

[Image: RIMG0006.jpg]

As mentioned, I played with it twice and added a bit of extras to give it an IDF look (all original parts are still there). I really love this gun, it's the closest to a real M4 you can get in my opinion.

PS: I'll put this on Yahoo Auction in a week or so, if you're interested, let me know soon. Smile
On Ginga's suggestion, I'll soon "unmod" that GBB as much as I can to sell it on Yahoo Auctions, so if anyone is even mildly interested, please let me know before I do it. Smile
More than Mildly interested. I am working the angle of "Super Dad, Super Husband". Please hold for two days. The Admiral might be on to my plan, I just got home, started dinner and simultaneously started cleaning, she's a smart one. But I think that I'll be good.....Hold for me for two days.
No problem, held for 2 days! ^^
Ycare, Purchased approved and now I need to quit smoking! I think that's a win win for me.
Awesome, I think I should start smoking to use this in an argument too! Smile


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