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Hurricane - 553 Holosight & Magnifier
Hello guys,

I'm selling what most know to be one of the best red dot replica sight for airsoft, a HurricanE model (from Taiwan).

This is a replica of an EOTech 553. Buying those at Echigoya often cost close to 20,000 new, and online around 150$, when you can find them.

The lenses are clear, no distortation nor tints, no scratches on the glass either, only thing I did was painting the battery compartment and hood because the color wasn't a match with typical Dark Earth of my guns.

Selling it for 7,000 JPY.

[Image: RIMG0087_zps19ea082f.jpg]

[Image: RIMG0088_zpsd9adc30f.jpg]

[Image: RIMG0089_zps09903f32.jpg]

[Image: RIMG0090_zpsadbb09a3.jpg]

[Image: RIMG0091_zpsc01aa334.jpg]

[Image: RIMG0092_zpsdc65293f.jpg]

[Image: RIMG0093_zps503a8e7d.jpg]

Also selling a Land Arms replica that I bought at Echigoya couple year back for 16,000 (price still on the box). It also went through the painting treatment. The magnifying is 3x, the eye relief is pretty good for a replica and the lenses are very clear (as clear as my genuine eotech magnifier actually).
It has a flip mount to make it flip on the side to be able to switch between none and magnification.
Only problem though: the spring that brings the latch back on the mount is out of service, so you need to manually push that latch back in (it doesn't rattle though, a bit stiff).

Selling it 5,000 JPY.

[Image: RIMG0094_zpsa13322d3.jpg]

[Image: RIMG0095_zpsb12e0adb.jpg]

[Image: RIMG0096_zps73ecba0f.jpg]

And the last 3 pictures since too many in one post:

[Image: RIMG0097_zps57c6d489.jpg]

[Image: RIMG0098_zps47c7b852.jpg]
That silver latch on the left is what doesn't spring up by itself anymore.

[Image: RIMG0099_zps7119556f.jpg]
Picture is a bit shaky.
HurricanE red dot is sold! Magnifier still available.

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