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D|Focus Follow Focus and DSLR Mount
I replaced this a while ago and it's been sitting in my wardrobe looking very lonely. I only used it a couple time because I found that the gears slip quite often when pressure is applied to them.

[Image: _1010658_zps04f4a4e2.jpg]

I though about just gluing them in-place or drilling into the gear shaft to make the screw a lot tighter. In the end i just bought a new one because most of my work is professionally done and the last thing I want is for this to break on me in the middle of a shoot. It wasn't worth the risk.

Anyway like I said, it needs a little modifying but apart fro that it works like a charm.

I have also included a DSLR mount for those that don't have or don't want to use rails, it can be attached directly to the camera.

[Image: _1010662_zps0ce792af.jpg]
[Image: _1010660_zpsed818b3e.jpg]
[Image: _1010663_zps82237397.jpg]
[Image: _1010659_zps8fce414a.jpg]

Below is the gear and screw part that slips. Basically a small hex screw makes contact with a flat surface on the shaft. However, I fount that the flat surface wasn't exactly enough to hold the screw firmly in-place when doing a lot of focus pulling and it would often slip after about 10 turns and need to be re-tightened. Easily fixed though.
[Image: _1010664_zpsdb7ed7b0.jpg]

Selling price is 5000yen (OBO)

Let me know if you need any more pictures or information.
[Image: Camouflage3.jpg]

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