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[For Sale] British Desert DPM kit + Mk6 Helmet + Others
I've got way too much kit and decided that I could do without some of it. All the below is genuine British MOD kit and has been used by me both frequently and not so frequently.

DDPM UBACS (lightly used) - 3000yen
[Image: _1010620_zpsee5c8049.jpg]

DDPM Tropical Combat Jacket (very lightly used) - 1500yen
[Image: _1010626_zps58c24354.jpg]

DDPM Tropical Combat Trousers (heavily used and slightly damaged) - 1000yen or free with any of the other items.
[Image: _1010629_zpsd973c279.jpg]

DPM Special Forces Bush Hat (very lightly used) - 1000yen
[Image: _1010655_zps70f33fcf.jpg]

Mk6 Helmet (Medium size) with black rubber band and covers + Net - 3000yen
[Image: _1010637_zpsa8444483.jpg]

DPM Body Armour Cover - 1000yen
[Image: _1010645_zpsc6e4aa05.jpg]

DDPM Knee/Elbow protection (medium use) - 1000yen
[Image: _1010649_zps14529422.jpg]

Well that's it for now.
If you are interested in a couple of items here I will bundle them and drop the price. I am also open to offers and maybe even swaps.

This isn't all the British kit I have so if there is anything you are looking for that isn't here please just ask me because I might have it.
[Image: Camouflage3.jpg]

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