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[SOLD] Crye Precision Gear
Hey guys,

Posting this here before putting it on Yahoo Auction this weekend.

I'm selling my Crye Precision Combat Pants in Multicam, that would be the latest model as seen here.
Those are 34R size, so supposedly fitting 33-35 although to be honest I'm a 35 and those are a bit tight for me (I just received my 36R which is much better for my fat ass), so maybe more like 32-34.

The pants are used but in excellent condition, just like anything I own. They have been worn for maybe a cumulated amount of 7 days or so I'd say, with same amount of cold water washing. Nor tear nor wear.

I'll throw in the tan colored Crye Precision kneepads that are bit scratched though but still very good.

Without pads: 20,000 JPY
With pads: 23,000 JPY

I made a review (in French) some time ago about those pants. Even if you can't read, there are a lot of pics detailing the features of that pants, including the stretch panels.

Update: I'm also selling an Emdom belt for the pants as well as a Crye Precision Low Profile Belt (the kind of belt with MOLLE on it to mount pouches, holsters, etc... I'm basically selling all my "bottom part" gear because I'm a fat ass and just bought the exact same gear one size above.
There you are.

[Image: 2012-12-28151635_zpsa0166bfa.jpg]

[Image: 2012-12-28151708_zps4fc1e8ca.jpg]

[Image: 2012-12-28151734_zps24d1a125.jpg]

[Image: 2012-12-28151845_zpsf47c04a2.jpg]
Updated the main thread: also selling Crye Precision Low Profile Belt and Emdom Adam Belt. Will add pics later.

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