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[SOLD] AEGs & Mags
Hey guys,

I'm selling my Magpul PTS ACR in DE for 20,000 JPY.
I'll post some pics soon, but it's in great condition, I got the spring under 1J, and added the slim front hand guard too. Still have the stock one as well.

I'm also selling my M4 Defender/Sentry G&P modded by Airbourne (in Shinjuku) with some Deep Fire and Laylax parts, quite a high firing rate, 7,000 JPY.

Also have something like 8 midcaps (120) PMAGs in DE, real Magpul PTS ones, no copy. There are about 4 first gen and 4 second gen. Selling at 1,500 each, all in great condition, regularly oiled and cleaned, springs all good.

If any interest, please contact me.
On hold already until exchange is done!
Once you use a blowback gun it's hard to go back eh Ycare ?
Yup... should never have started in the first place, was way too expensive ^^

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