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Metal frame legality? Also "Casiopea" legality?
Hi all, me again.

I am curious about the legality of metal airsoft gun frames in Japan?

I have a wickedly built up Tokyo Marui MEU which has a metal slide and all kinds of other stuff. I would like to complete the package with a metal frame but I have heard that it's illegal. Anyone know definitively?

No hearsay please, I am looking for people that know for sure...if possible any legal precedents or news articles (In Japanese is OK) would be appreciated.

Also, about the old Tanaka revolver "Casiopea" system, does anyone know if that was actually ruled illegal or are those guns just taboo?

Again articles or legal precedent would be appreciated, hearsay is useless to me.

This thread is probably the best you're gonna get here:

Are you concerned about getting the item in the country, or having it banned on the field?

Japanese law enforcement's #1 concern with airsoft is if a gun can be modified to be fire a real ammunition. Something like that Tanka revolver you asked about would fall under that category, since it uses a striking system to fire off each shell (which is individually filled with gas). Other Tanka shell ejectors use a more standard system of gas reservoirs fed from the grip or magazine, so that's okay I guess.
There's a lot of post on that thread but it comes down to this.

As long as the metal slide and barrel is not strong enough to be converted into real gun it is not illegal. That is the law from what I have searched. I have bought a lot of full metal pistols from hongkong and all of it passes customs (which will not pass customs if it is illegal) as long as your gun comes a certificate stating that the metal is only aluminum or any other metal that is not strong enough to be converted into real firearm.

Ask yourself, why would all the big airsoft shops in Japan sell full metal conversion kits if it is illegal.

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