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Yet another import question. Shipping an AEG from Europe.
Hi guys, I was going to purchase a used AEG from someone in the UK, and I was wondering if anyone here has imported a gun that wasn't shipped by a store.

How should he box it, should he dismantle it, what he should include, etc.

King of Questions
You probably don't need to dismantle it, but what you will need is a signed note that the gun is shooting at the legal limit (so less than .9J). Here's an example of the one I got with my Shotgun from HK:

[Image: IMG_20120610_232239.jpg]

As you can see it's pretty simple, but the dude should probably provide some kind of contact info or signature to at least make it look legit.
Thanks Drifter. I am now copying down that info into another document so he can print it.

I forget, that paper goes on top of the gun inside the box right?

Open cardboard box. This paper is on top. Under the paper is insulation. Under insulation is gun.

And is there anything referring to the gun on the outside of the cardboard box?

I'm thinking he could even paste a copy of that sheet on the outside.
King of Questions
I think one sheet inside the box and one outside just in case. Again, I'm not sure how often customs opens these things, but when they do they'll probably want to see the form somewhere.
King of Questions

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