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Importing a stock
While I don't think it would be confiscated, does anyone know the specifics of importing just a wooden stock? I was going to check it at the airport.
King of Questions
Hi Vorpal - I have no additional information that you can't find via google, but perhaps adding additional details to your question may help others in formulating a better response:

1. Where are you flying from?
2. Where are you flying to?
3. Do you have a picture / link to what you are trying to import
4. Just the stock or other parts / full setup / etc?

If you are coming from the US, have you tried reading:

Also if you are worried about proper procedures etc, probably a good idea to check with your airline.
Flying out of MSP, USA. Thanks Chaos, I've asked around and the TSA should be fine with it, I only worry about customs in Japan.
The stock is technically a firearm part (not airsoft specific).
I'm trying to decide whether I should check it or ship it.
King of Questions
Just a personal opinion, but I would think you'd have less chance of getting dinged at customs with the item packed in your luggage (when compared to sending the item via international courier). I've had my bags opened a couple times at Narita customs, but usually it's just a walk-through. Just my opinion though - not sure about the facts / rules. Other's may have better information.
Last time I cleared customs with airsoft parts I had no problems. As long as it's not a complete gun I don't think you'll be stopped or anything. If it's just a wooden stock I don't see why it'd be an issue, just say it's a airsoft part and you should be fine.
Alright, should I say something about it pre-boarding? Maybe put it in a box that says "TOY" or something?

Or literally just put it in a checked bag?
King of Questions
No restrictions to bring wooden stock in Japan. Restriction could occur when leaving from the US, not the opposite. But since it's wooden and the TSA doesn't really care about that, no worries.
Thanks everyone for all of this great info. The stock arrived today, and it's so well packed i am considering shipping it or checking its box.

Any advice on that?
King of Questions
Always make sure of what you're receiving... you never know.
Let us know how you make out, would be useful information for other forum members.
Step one of redundancy plan. I am putting FOR TOY in sharpie on all sides of the box.
King of Questions
So you assume that a Japanese immigration officer can identify a piece of wood as a stock for a rifle (I'm guessing AK?). Writing "for toy" on it is definitely more suspicious than just having a piece of wood in your luggage. Smile
True ycare. Anyways I had to chuck the box as it was too big for my bag. I took a short domestic flight with no issues, so the TSA does not care. All I need to worry about is Japanese customs.
King of Questions
Stock came through without any issues!
King of Questions
(19-08-2012, 02:49 PM)Vorpalbunnie Wrote: Stock came through without any issues!

Good to hear, they even check it, or did you just get waved through at customs?

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