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[Yokota Airsofting | 21JUL] IBF 8 - Hachioji
Hey, all. Just a friendly invite; Yokota Airsofting is hosting an event this Saturday at IBF 8 | Indoor CQB Hachioji. If you are interested in joining, please PM me for the details!

A rough description; this event is being hosted by the Yokota Air Base Airsofting Organization. We are fulfilling our private reservation at IBF-8 in Hachioji, which is an indoor CQB facility. We will arrive at 8:00am and depart at 5:00pm. The cost per person for attendance will vary depending on the total amount of attendees in our party. Right now, we have 13 confirmed players, but we would like to pick up 7 more who would be willing to join us for a day of good sportsmanship!

We will be conducting game scenarios that range from Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Terrorist/Counter-Terrorist, VIP Escort, Hostage Negotiation, and other milsim activities.

If this interests you, please PM me your RSVP as well as any confirmed guests that you would like to accompany you.

Looking very forward to playing with all of you!

Please update thread title per guideline posted here:

Still looking for more people to join us!

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