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KWA Glock 19 Rear Hammer Assembly Issue
Having an issue with my Glock 19's rear trigger assembly. The details of the problem are in the video description, but here it is in case viewing it here is more convenient than viewing it on youtube.

"Trying to figure out how to remedy this problem. I don't know what is causing the issue, but here is a written description of what is going on:

On its own, the hammer is able to go from the down position to the fully extended position once the trigger is pulled. However, when there is tension being placed on the valve striker by the magazine's valve, it does not allow the hammer to fully extend to the upright position. This is most likely due to some sort of friction that is happening within the rear hammer assembly. In reference to my demonstration, one can see how I am showing that the hammer is free until it reaches to about 50% of its range of motion, and then there is strong resistance being met as it tries to finish the last 50% of its range. I can push past this resistance with my finger, but the resistance in the opposite direction of the valve striker is not allowing the full range of motion to be completed by the assembly on its own. This issue is withholding the designed amount of gas to be released in order to complete a full cycle.

In the last few seconds of the video, I demonstrate what the result of this issue is."

Has anyone had this problem, or is familiar with this issue? I am open to all feedback and suggestions!

Link to the video:

Thank you, all!

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