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As I unfortunately realized that I won't have that much time to play at the moment, I'm letting this one go. Bought it about 2 months ago, and never been able to field it. Magazine has some marks from the magwell at the top (regular wear).

I changed the stock for a TM SOPMOD stock and put on a Madbull DD Mk18 rail. All the original parts (as KAC style RAS and sight post) but the original VLTOR style stock are included.

Gun with TM SOPMOD stock and Mk18 rail
1 T1 style red dot sight
1 TM midcap mag
1 TM 8.4 V SOPMOD battery
1 TM battery charger with SOPMOD battery adapter
TM CQBR original "spare parts"

Price: 55.000 Yen.

[Image: IMG_6002-1.jpg]

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