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Another new guy..hello!
Howdy all.

New to airsoft but I have pretty much jumped in without hesitation, buying up guns left right and center to see which ones I like and which I don't..!

My collection so far includes:
TM Glock 18C GBB
Tanaka Colt 380 Auto (Fun little thing)
And thinking of adding a TML96 sometime later this month..!

I've been living in Japan around 4 years in the middle of Tokyo. Back in Canada where I'm from I used to do a lot of shooting with both real and airguns. I recently started to miss target shooting so I bought myself some nice pistols and an SMG, and have been wreaking havoc on targets inside my house ever since.

I'm still trying to wrap my head around the rules Japan's got on airsoft guns i.e. the 1joule limit - do people actually seriously follow that or is it a bendable rule? As a guy who likes taking long distance shots with bolt action rifles it seems pretty tough since at 300fps, a pistol's got about the same range and the accuracy's not much worse..!

Anyway I'm looking forward to playing with some of ya'll.

Umm, bending around the 1j rule is definitely frowned upon, especially on the forums. TKO likes to promote safe, legal skirmishing. (But I can't speak for the group as a whole, I'm no spokesperson.)

And if you are worried about the l96 not having enough range, you'll be pleasantly surprised.
King of Questions
Welcome to the forums snowcat.
I am a fellow Canadian as well, and like you jumped into the sport feet first and never really looked back.

When I read and watch video online about some sites in the US and Europe there is a sense that fields set their own rules for safety, and that snipers are allowed a much higher power rating to allow for their role. Sadly in Japan this isn't the case. The 1J law is just that, a law, and as such I and all of my team mates follow it strictly. We spend time (and a healthy amount of money) to get the best system possible that falls under 1J. I found that snipers are nearly pointless for the reasons you mentioned. I think in Japan that the gun you use and the role you play on a team is determined almost exclusively by the type of gun you like and how you want to play the game. Playing a sniper is only going to be fun if you want to do it and enjoy that type of play, but it won't have much advantage (probably will have more disadvantages) over a standard AEG.

Every field that I have played a public game at has chrono'd guns before games, and I do the same at the games I organise.

Hope you can join a game soon, would be nice to ave another Canadian on the field Smile

Hello there!

Just like the Ninga said, it's definitely a law. Although it's easy to buy a gun from abroad or a spring over the limit and have your AEG way over the legal limit, if you're caught with that, you can actually be in trouble. Also fields that chrono the guns and find out your gun is over the limit will sometimes ban you for good, even if it was a mistake due to gas valves and whatnot.

Nevertheless, the games are very enjoyable and having played only in Japan so far, that's the only way I know it anyway Smile
Welcome Snowcat,

One thing to note is that some indoor fields are even less at 0.8J done for safety reasons.

By the way, as a guideline for TKOverkill, we're pretty strict about the 0.98J even for our private games. As majority of us are foreigners living in Japan, we'd rather stay very clearly on the right side of the law rather than even venture to the grey zone. I highly encourage members not to "test the loopholes/limits" and although if you're caught, the committee members in TKOverkill do get concerned if we are involved by association even.

Yes you may read that we may use propane here, but we tune via NPAS to ensure we're under the limit.
Welcome! Good to have another Canuck on board. Don't wanna pile it on, but as the others have said, staying within the limits of the power rules in Japan is important. As a foreigner you are already a little under suspicion, and I recently had an uncomfortable situation at a field that will remain unmentioned. Things got smoothed out by the end of the day, but I made sure to be on my best behavior while playing. Stay within the rules and have fun, Japan has a lot of great fields.
Welcome aboard. As mentioned above, for TKO (and non TKO games org'd by TKO members), we're strict on the rules. Public fields chrono everyone prior to games. As all of us know in Japan, there is no bending of rules - everything is by the book.
Welcome to Japan airsoft scene snowcat.

Japanese gamefields are very strict on the 1j rule. Some fields doesn't even let guns firing at 96m/s which is about .92j only. My other gun is firing at 94m/s which was allowed but given a warning not to shoot too close.

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