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New guy introduction...
Hello everyone! Didn´t find anywhere else to post this, so here goes...

I´m Tom from Sweden, currently studying Japanese in Yokohama. Been here 7 months now, and have kind of got used to the life here.

As for airsoft I´ve been an active for around 4 years back in Sweden, and now I´ve become eager to get to play again. You never get tired of this hobby do you? Smile

In other words, I hope to find someone who is willing to introduce me to the airsofting scene in Japan!


Edit: A little pic of me back in Sweden.... Really miss that time Tongue
[Image: IMG_6141.jpg]
Welcome aboard Killen, always nice to see new targets...I mean members join Tongue Check the events page for a list of fields in the area, while most are in Chiba, there are a couple options out west of Tokyo.
Will do. Thank you! BTW, how often do you guys play?
(13-05-2012, 10:57 AM)Killen_med_skorna Wrote: Will do. Thank you! BTW, how often do you guys play?

As a group it's been awhile to be honest, real life and scheduling have personally made me unable to attend TKO events. That said, I try to squeeze in a public game once a month.
I see. I would REALLY appreciate if someone could "take me under his wings" and together go to a game, for starters. As I said, I´m studying Japanese at the moment but my skills are, however, far from "umai"...

Btw, just bought a TM recoil shock CQB-R today, so I can´t wait ´til I get to try it on the field Smile

Need to ask my friends back in Sweden to send my protective lenses and uniform though... Smile
Hi Killen, welcome aboard! that said, one the biggest problems in going to gamefields here is how to get there. most of the places are pretty remote and most of the time you would need a car. there are a few places like the one in shinyurigaoka in yokohama.
Hi Killen! Welcome to Japan airsoft. We used to have a guy from Sweden who plays with us around 2007, "Seraph" Ariel.
Yeah, I kind of know that guy Smile
Nice gear buddy, AOR1 right? Doesn't seem to be marpat. Sorry I missed your thread, hopefully you can join us in a game soon.
I'd like to call it "AOR1" since it's the Korean replica uniform. The colors and pattern are slightly off compared to the real deal... Kind of expensive if I were to buy a real set though ;P

Yeah, I really hope I'll be able to join soon!
Welcome aboard Killen. Nice kit.
Wanna thank everyone who's helping me... Smile
I also live in Yokohama and I have been on a 12 week Airsoft binge. Sadly I have to go abroad for a few weeks. When I get back I will be driving to chiba the first Saturday or Sunday depending on what fields are opened. I have played Splash, BB Jungle, Village 1, Battle City and Field Ops(west Tokyo). I will send you a message when I get back. Talk to you later. Gravy
Sounds great, willl be looking forward to it! Hope to get my gear sent here soon...

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