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[Wanted] Real Sword SVD
Looking for in new condition. PM me.
they sell them here but I think they out of stock
Baton has one currently in stock...
(01-05-2012, 01:15 PM)GingaNinga Wrote: Baton has one currently in stock...

If I can't find a second hand SVD, I'm going to go with Redwolf. Have you had any experience with their service? I know that they're based out of HK, so I'd assume shipping from there is a quick process.
I have used them in the past, and they have been pretty good. Only a few problems.
The SVD they are selling on their website are listed at 435 fps, which is way over legal Japanese limits, so unless they down grade it for you, you might have trouble having it delivered here in Japan. Getting one local will save you cost on downgrading and delivery, but you have probably ordered already.

Hope it all works out Smile
No, haven't ordered yet, but I was close! What do you anticipate that would happen with it if Redwolf did not downgrade it for me? I guess that I should phone them and figure out what the SOP is on sending such a rifle to Japan. I had a few of my guns sent from the States, and Japanese Customs held my stuff until I could send them documentation regarding the velocity of the guns that were in the box. I didn't have any original manuals, so I simply Googled my guns, printed out their specifications, highlighted the FPS in each weapon's printout, and sent it to Customs.

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