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Sun-project External gas tanks for GBB pistols- Any experience?
Has anyone here ever tried one of these set-ups:[gallery1]/2/

Looks like it would be great for colder days.

I'm leaning towards trying the green gas one, but I want some input from anyone that has tried it.
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Interesting, reminds me of paintball setups back home. I think I remember someone having something similar at a game this year, hooked up to a Desert Eagle. It was maybe back in Jan or Feb, so it was relatively cool (my own pistol could do about half a mag before choking). Dude was running only his DE with a scope, so I guess it works well enough.
I see this alot at BLAM in the colder months.
Only one mag at a time, or you have to run multiple hoses.
Hose gets in the way.
Real easy to cheat... all you have to do is chrono with the valve closed, and open in field.

Works great in the cold weather though.
Ever seen it tried with a full-size GBBr such as the KC-02? I'd think it would be powerful enough.
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(27-04-2012, 11:42 AM)Vorpalbunnie Wrote: Ever seen it tried with a full-size GBBr such as the KC-02? I'd think it would be powerful enough.

Don't see why it wouldn't work, but then you'd have to swap the cable from mag to mag as you go. Does it even had a quick swap option? Seems like kind of a hassle, especially with the low capacity of gas mags.
I think KJW have C02 mags coming out.

ORGA runs a cocktail in the winter, where he adds just a touch of C02 with an adapter to a regular HFC magazine, and it seems to work real well. He is also experimenting with some other gasses. Maybe that would be a better solution than hoses and canisters, etc.

Speaking of which, ORGA is hosting a Gas blowback festival at DSK in June. If anyone is running GBB you should come out. It is on the 9th of June.
I would love to come, but I won't be here.

I'll shoot him a message on recommendations for keeping my GBBs running!
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