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Team consists of many person, many person have each reason to play or cannot join.
Almost Japanese team has also the same problem, several team consist of 40person registered, but, person who eager to play are few, because of ・ ・ We don't care. It's free.

Somehow, for that reason, they join and go as one team to any other organized games with few 5to 10 peoples.
As 10peoples, they will hard to devide 2team vs, If it could be, it's still make less enjoyable game. There are no necessity for join public game. It's good just to go to private some teams conbined game, as one team as TKOK.
It is certainly team work.

I cannot know foreigners way, but I doubt if why you wanna do one team organized personally inside only game?

I said before, there are many teams, who is modest, saving rules, not a barbarians .
Why not to join them? It is the easy way to play constant as team.
It is only to go with some peoples as TKOK to beat them.

Btw, they make original patches to make sure cofirm themselves when join in.

Please let me know , are there any reason why . I wanna just care your airsoft life in Japan. I don't want organize, just cordinate only.
Sometimes, hard running, Oftentimes slow mover
Not too sure if I understand you. But if I were to guess what you're saying, we have played with other teams before. Quite some time ago, mainly through Anarchy (one of our members), TKO got invited to pay with some other teams. But usually this requires an invite.

The problem really though is that there is no such thing as a TKO club, or a TKO team member. There's only just the TKOSOC committee members who organise games for anyone to play. Unlike other airsoft teams in Japan, they actually have a team.

TKOSOC did consider creating a team and fixed/designated members but we didn't want to charge any fees or lock down anyone to one team.

Unfortunately my TKOSOC members are dwindling down now as most are not active in TKO anymore. Otherwise I would be happy to re-raise this topic with TKOSOC to see if there should be an official TKO team with designated/specific membership.

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