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AK wooden stock to folding stock conversion?
Can anyone push me in the right direction here? I'm trying to slap a folding stock onto my Classic Army SLR 105. I know that I'd have to rewire the main power for the mechbox to the upper receiver, and that I'd have to use a stick battery, but I can't seem to find any conversion kits to do this simple swap.

Here are some pictures of what I'm working with:

[Image: gHooJ.jpg]

[Image: Sryf3.jpg]

Looking for a collapsable stock that would slide into the metal that houses the wiring from the receiver to the butt stock, and has a hole to thread the bolt that keeps it in place.

Any word would be deeply appreciated!
Edit: smaller thumbnails:

[Image: Sryf3l.jpg]

[Image: gHooJl.jpg]


Just purchased the Matrix AK-74 Metal Body w/ Side Folding Stock Kit for AK Series Airsoft AEG so that I can swap the guts from my SLR 105 to this AK74 lower receiver. Should be it, let's hope that this is the solution!

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