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BLAM! Saturday 21APR
Anyone going?

I will be heading out there with two buddies. Any opinions on this indoor place?
The death of a forum :O
Can't remember if I've been there before, but I think some videos were posted up here once. I do remember researching it a bit for a public game and I think depending on numbers, they will rotate teams into the field to play, so there could be a little more down time than usual.
Yeah, It's not a great place to play. It's quite small, and if you get mixed up with some BLAM regulars, they will likely just get into spots with good angles and wait for you to step out into the open and snipe at you. Not a lot of action or movement, gameplay focuses more on being quick acquiring your targets and having good aim.

As Drifter said, if there are a bunch of people there, they will make teams as best they can. If there are groups that only want to play together, or too many people to make just two teams, they will rotate through the groups in fifteen-minute blocks. It's probably best suited to no more than five a side I think.

Don't want to make it sound totally negative. It is a day of airsoft, and I have definitely had some fun times there. It's not too far away and not affected by weather.
"Lets just all hug and shoot something!"
Yea, I hear you.

I wish that there were more places that held public games on Saturdays on a more consistent basis.

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