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Changing my barrel and spring
Could someone link or post a comprehensive step-by-step tutorial on how to change an inner barrel and gearbox spring? I have a Classic Army SLR 105 Steel, which is an AK-47. I'm also trying to figure out how to adjust the outer barrel for accuracy.

Looking forward to any word in return!
Barrel changes tend to be pretty easy, although with an AK you usually have to do a good amount of disassembly to get to it. Basically, once you have the Hop up unit out, you just carefully wiggle the inner barrel out and then slide in a new one. Spring changes are a whole other story though, and unless you have a lot of experience with small gear boxes, I'd say avoid messing with it or find a store that will tune it up for you.

I don't have any experience with CA guns, but they should be close to TM guns since most other companies just copy TM designs and make slight modifications. Here are a couple of vids to show you what you might be in for.

Thanks for the reply.

The video only shows how to remove the mechbox. I need to go in further in order to change the spring inside the mechbox. I'm reluctant to say that I'm mechanically inclined, so this shouldn't be an issue so as long as I can see how it's done first.

Your instructions on how to remove the inner barrel are vague. Im missing the steps prior to getting to the hop-up.
The video above should be a playlist, the second video in the list shows the mechbox disassembly. Again, an inner barrel swap is easy, and if you type in "inner barrel swap AEG" in youtube you should see a bunch of videos. Basically, the inner barrel will slide out of the outer barrel with the hop-up unit. Once that's done, you just wiggle it until the inner barrel comes out with the rubber bucking on the end (usually black colored). After that, swap the bucking to your new inner barrel and slide it back into the hop-unit. Found this video here:

Again, there can be slight variances between different manufactures, but generally they are all very similar.

Ah, I was viewing with my phone. Thanks!

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