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Travel to Japan, french player in the place
Hello all Wink

I haven't found a sub-forum for presentation, so I post here.

I'm Belial, a french airsoft player, member of the PAT61 association, 24 years old and I practiced airsoft for almost 6 years now.
I essentially plays with soviet and russian equipment (Soviet/Russian reenactor)
some pics of me here, here, here and here

I'll travelling to Japan from 5th to 19th May and so I'm searching about a japanese airsoft team for playing one or two games during this holidays.
Salut à toi.

Aucune partie prévu pour cette période par l'équipe, ta meilleure chance sera un jeu publique dans le coin de Chiba un samedi ou un truc du genre. Regarde la liste de terrains sur ce forum, t'auras un lien avec, et regarde sur leur emploi du temps en ligne pour trouver un jeu publique.

Les parties publiques sont pas franchement le top, perso j'aime pas, mais ça sera néanmoins ta seule chance si tu veux vraiment jouer au Japon.
I agree with Ycare. Couldn't have said it better myself.
"Lets just all hug and shoot something!"
Thanks for your reply.

Do you know if the organizers of these games rent replicas, like in France ? Because I think that , in my situation, it could be difficult to import my own replicas in Japan.

Ycare : Au passage, ton français est excellent. J'avoue que je ne m'attendais pas à tomber sur quelqu'un maîtrisant aussi bien la langue Wink
[Image: russianstyle.gif]
Most fields will rent you a gun for the day, but make sure to check before you go, as some require reservations before hand.
That's because I'm French Belial... Wink
Sure, I've spent a long time out of my country, so I might not be speaking the most recent slang, but I'd still probably understand it!
Huhu, quand je pense que j'ai parfois moi aussi envie de m'expatrier Big Grin

I coming back to you, I'm interessed by the following fields :

- Forest Union
- Seals

I see there is a game, on the two fields, on may 13.

But who is the more accessible by common transports ?
Which field you recommend to me ?

Thank in advance.
[Image: russianstyle.gif]
SEALS is a 10 minute walk for the closest station. Forest Union is a taxi ride from the station.
SEALS is an awesome field. Forest Union is not to bad.
SEALS is a real count event, so you might enjoy it more if you play tactical game, or don't like "spray and pray."

I would recommend SEALS.
I can send you a google map and some train times if need be.
Thanks a lot for the informations and for your help Wink

I think, I go to SEALS.

I think I have to complete the online reservation form, I have some questions about it :
Do I have to take the insurance ?
Do I specify the replica rents on the last block ? Or everything is settled on the spot ?
[Image: russianstyle.gif]
Insurance isn't required. It is up to you. If your travel insurance will cover it then you should be fine Smile

I just called the field and they said that they have normal magazines that they can lend for the real count games.
They said to just add 1 rental to the form in the comment box at the end.

Rental for one please = "一人分のレンタルお願いします。"

Have fun!
Ok, thanks a lot Wink

But I can't make my reservation and I don't know why. I think the problem is the postal code or the cell phone number.
[Image: russianstyle.gif]
Weird. Do you have details to add there? If not just use the examples shown.
Remember those two are supposed to be regular half width English characters (regular roman characters) while the rest should be in Japanese.
You can PM me your details if you are unsure of how to write them in Japanese and I can try filling it in for you.

Hope you get it sorted Smile
Sorry for my non-response theses last days, I'm now in Japan.

I can't understand, it runs OK now.

Does the staff says english ?

I had a medical problem during the flight and I seen a doctor during the stop at Hong Kong who gave me a treatment. I feel better now but there something I have to verify and I need to consult a doctor again. I hope it's OK.
[Image: russianstyle.gif]
Most fields don't speak fact I don't know of any that does fluently. The booking though is done in Japanese - (at least Katakana online). Your best bet is to PM GingaNinga who's fluent Japanese. Even I have problems booking for the team.

There is a game on 19th May though if you're interested. I can ask the organiser if you can come or not (I don't know his rules/criteria).
Erf sorry, I leave Japan the 19th May.

I PM GingaNinga.

I see a doctor yesterday, It's good for my problem, I can play.
[Image: russianstyle.gif]

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