Poll: What Saturdays in April can you make?
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7th April
5 38.46%
14th April
5 38.46%
21st April
3 23.08%
Total 13 vote(s) 100%
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[TKO:CANCELLED] April Saturday Games?
@TheBackhander, minimum 10. Any less and it gets expensive. And Village 1 is big so actually even if we make it with 10 ppl, we'd probably spend the whole time hunting.

@Naka-san, actually we're not just limited to TKO. We have members from ASTIG, or FTT come and join us in the past.
coolio, ill just hit up the open day on saturday at battle city union, you gunna go to that Q?
I don't think I'll make it to any games this weekend. Since the votes turned out poor for this month, I've inadvertently made other weekend plans.
Rooboy and I will be at BCU Saturday as his buddy is here from Australia and wants to try it out. Hopefully we will see you there.
for sure i was hoping someone from the forum would be there, on account i dont speak japanese that well and all.
Are there any Saturday games going in my area on the 21st? I live in the Tachikawa area, at Yokota Air Base. I'm considering to go to Code 7 or Desert Storm Kawagoe on Sunday, but I'd rather play on Saturday. Just wondering if anyone knows of anything going on that isn't too far from me.
I've actually pulled out of organising games in April 'cos there wasn't sufficient interests in the votes. I'll move this thread to Cancelled/Completed.

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