Poll: What Saturdays in April can you make?
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7th April
5 38.46%
14th April
5 38.46%
21st April
3 23.08%
Total 13 vote(s) 100%
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[TKO:CANCELLED] April Saturday Games?
Hi all,

I'm trying to get a feeler on games on Saturday in April in Village 1. Please vote (multiples allowed).

Please note Sundays in most fields are booked for the next few months

Sorry Q, my group already have plans to go to a public game on the 7th. Maybe next month.
NP Life26. Sorry to hear that.

On Facebook, it seems we have two more who can make it on 7th April.


So at the moment :-
7th April - 5
14th April - 4
21st April - 4

Note that if I can't sufficient numbers, I won't be able to book 7th. And if people do take too long to vote, there's a chance another team may book the Village 1 schedule. So all, please vote quick Big Grin. Otherwise there'll be no TKO game in April.
I really want to play but got business trip to Singapore from 8th to 13th, so pretty tough. And 21st I already have something planned for some time >_<
Hi , all. It available 14th, and 7th. 14 is the best for me. 7th, I will , when you all decide to do.
21th, No. I'll join another game. Anyway, many guys, I'm looking foward to
Sometimes, hard running, Oftentimes slow mover
Naka-san, please vote in the poll.
i voted, and can make the 7th +1, as long as they rent, i need one AEG
Oh, my mistake, I didn't push the vote botton,
I was thinking, I had done.
Sometimes, hard running, Oftentimes slow mover
Any of those days work for me. Let's do this!
"Lets just all hug and shoot something!"
Man, I wish I could but I'm working all the Saturday's next month. Hope you guys can get out there and shoot it up!
We are going to go to the public game on 8th of April. But...
I vote for 7 & 14.
Unfortunately with numbers so low, I don't think I'd like to take the risk of organising a game this month.
Unfortunately, this time. Q.
Hey, shall I coordinate tko vs ordinaly, normal modest japanese team? I think it 's more fun to play. There are many teams they hide behind the wall that we cannot see, they just hesitate to play with foreigners team. Why? I don't know,but I think they just hesitate to communicate.
Do you want to play always jenuine TKO self game? If difinitely not, how is it, Q and guys?

ps. If we join VS game, when we can go as 5 person.
Sometimes, hard running, Oftentimes slow mover
so is this saturday a bust? and how many people do we need to play?
Minimum 10 confirmed (i.e. no dropouts). It sorta gets expensive with fewer ppl and Village 1 is big. So even 10 ppl we may spend a lot of time 'hunting'.

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