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Recommendation 29, April " Tokku"
Hey, tkok guys, don't you play nothing?
Shall we . . Join the game here, following web, on sunday 29/April. 
¥4000 without lunch, car park ¥500/

As tkok or not as tkok will OK,   no problem of individually joinning.
That day is fully rentaled. It must not too much people. Closed relationship.
I have more detail.
How about you , men ?
Sometimes, hard running, Oftentimes slow mover
Wow, this place looks pretty far...further than Narita.

Sorry folks, I've really been slack in organising TKO games. My other TKOSOC members have been AWOL (business trips, new job, etc.). I'll get off my butt and will do some organising.

Meanwhile, if others wanna organise your own private games, as before, you're more than welcome to leverage on the TKO forums to advertise (within moderation, naturally). Please remember not to book or advertise your private games as TKO though.
I may have a team of 5 that may be willing to go. But, that is pretty far out. I live in Ayase-shi area by the navy base there, and I know a lot of guys that want to play.
Sure, this place is at 30minutes drive from DAIEI (大栄)IC ,next to Narita,,,
It may far from Tokyo and from west side.  I'll cannot follow it, just up to yourself.

And then, I 'm sure I know , that Q states.
Anytime any game when Q won't come or won't organized game  will ・・・not as TKOK.
So, this time also not as TKOK without Q's organize to gathering.
(  To tell the truth, I was just waiting for Q's command as TKOK.(^^))

Then, it  just a recommendation.   I'll can share the information for you guys who want to join in. And I 'll can some help at that place.
Well, how about you, Sabotage48 ?
Sometimes, hard running, Oftentimes slow mover
Actually not exactly correct Big Grin. It's not whether I come or not Tongue. It's about whether a game is organised by a TKO committee member (TKOSOC). So the TKOSOC committee members are (currently) :-


The reason is because TKOSOC has organised games through the field owners a lot in the past 5 years so they know the TKOSOC members well. What TKOSOC is trying to avoid is if a private game is organised using the TKO name, and if something bad goes wrong, then the field owners will try to reach out to TKOSOC instead.

I hope this is clearer. If anyone has any concerns about this policy, please do let myself or any of the TKOSOC members know.
Roger,I understand, Q.
Then, I don't have tell them yet , about TKOK, or as TKOK, how can I do? Is it better to quit this recommendation? Anyway, I will go personally, and I prefer to select the way that not to bother TKOK policies.
Sometimes, hard running, Oftentimes slow mover
Is the 29th April a private or public game?
Private. I heard that 2~3 teams combined.
One of them is a little bit famous normal,modest team, names 'HYPER Douraku'
as you might know.
And we will accepted until about this weekend. Wellcome!!
Sometimes, hard running, Oftentimes slow mover

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