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Import TAX
Does anyone have and knowledge or experience with importing goods from overseas and having to pay import tax on them?

I am asking because I am thinking of buying a second hand camera in the US and having the seller post it here. The cost of the item will be around $4000.
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I don't know about secondhand goods, but my KWA FPG from HK just got hit with a 5% consumption tax plus 600en of the usual paperwork fees. First time it happened from anywhere, so smaller packages may be overlooked.
If the 4,000$ price tag is written on the outside of the box (in the content listing), or in the bill attached to it, then be sure you'll get taxed about 10% of the cost.
If you're lucky, they might miss it especially if the box is small.
i bought something for about 2,500$ before and i hade to pay about 15,000yen for import tax.
What id the item doesn't come with any price tag. It looks just like a package from a friend or colleague. What do you think? Weill they still hold it?
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Research and asking a friend that does some importing, he thinks you won't have to pay duty but you will have to pay consumption tax. 5% on Wezley's 2500 sounds to be about might have to pay around 20,000 - 25,000 yen.

Another option would be to go to your local post office and ask them what the charge would be as they seem to be the ones that collect and should have a sense of what it might cost. It's probably better to come with an invoice than not. An invoice can show it's worth less, but no invoice might mean they will assign what they think it's worth. If it's going to be shipped insured then a value will have to be declared, but it could still be called a gift.
If nothing is written clearly on the package and it looks life from family/friend, it won't get stopped unless it's really heavy/big.

I receive almost on a monthly basis stuff from my mother who has a different family name from mine and the only time the customs were anal was when she shipped my Crye CPC and shit load of stuff in a huge box.

Receiving from shops is different though since there is a bill usually attached outside, those get flagged right away.

We're talking customs here, they don't have that many people to allow them checking every single package, they have random selections and criteria based selections.
Understood. Thanks guys for all your help.
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