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Green Gas in Japan
It's a highly explosive product, that's why shipping companies treat it like it's liquid acid.
I had a similar problem trying to make some paint ship from US to Japan. Product wasn't forbidden at all, but all the shipping companies were saying "no, not shipping that by anything else but ground". Of course since here it's not even paint but fully flammable gas, even by ground they're not too keen.
Let me just say, for the record, that anyone putting CO2 in a gas gun magazine is a moron. As a long time Sun Project/ Daytonagun user and having a lot of experience with gas guns I can say without a doubt you are going to blow up your fucking magazine and hand. Without liquid co2 and a regulator you're just endangering yourself and others.

I just buy propane on base. Two bucks for two camping sized cans at Yokota. More than enough for a full day with a GHK AK105 with 8 mags. And its a gas guzzler.
I"ve been looking for someone who can buy propane on the base, anybody have one to sell?
Now that I'm at a computer, for example liquid CO2 is pressurized around 860 PSI while propane is ~120 PSI. That means normal magazines are designed to hold that 120 PSI safely.

Anyway, be careful mixing gasses, it can be very dangerous.

If you can get propane I'd highly recommend it. Japanese gasses/green gas has silicone lubricant in it, which quickly coats your hop up and gets useless lube all over. Nice clean propane leaves zero residue and allows you to properly lube the gun with a higher quality lube.

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