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Green Gas in Japan
Apart from the inflated Top Gas auctions on yahoo, is there anywhere you can buy green gas/propane in Japan?Undecided

However, a cheaper and possibly better solution is to use C02. You can get cartridges for about 100 yen each and an adapter. If you create an HFC/C02 cocktail, you can use your gas guns in the winter.

Be aware than many places won't let you use non HFC sources for power.
Thanks for that link!

Do you know where you can get an adapter for the co2?

When you say make a cocktail, is there a cheap cannister for storing it on the go?

Some other info I've collected:

Sunproject Eco Shooting Gas Can

- Mix of hfc152a and co2. Looks like the most convenient alternative to hfc134a, according to reports/gun type may be slightly weaker though longer lasting than marui (read the reviews and

R22 (hfc-22, red gas) Refrigerant

- Aircon refillant. Not exactly cheap, nozzle adapters look expensive:
Good kick

"Top" gasses on yahooauc mentioned above

- Various contents, pricey

Nowhere do I see any unmixed propane still...
Well it appears to be prohibited here
Even if I did and bought an adapter, is there any portable storage available I wonder...

Seems it would be cheaper to surface ship green gas from wgc....
Anyone had success surface shipping gas to Japan?
I also have a question. Is this compatible with the CO2 cylinders from bicycle shops?
Just a sad reply - the postal office won't let gas cans pass through normal post! No idea if private courier rules would be different...
AFAIK, I think takyuubin may also be very picky about transporting gas.
I was referring to international surface shipping... but I was just told customs also seem to have a problem with importing "high pressure" gas

This was after ordering 6 cans... I wonder if a smaller package would have escaped their attention
Depends on what was declared.

We've had an ex TKO colleague order some green gas from HK. They are shipped surface naturally as no planes would take them. It arrived via sea in Kobe and that's where it got stuck. It took a lot of effort and signed letters that he would never import those things again. Somehow he did manage to get it to Tokyo but I'm not certain if he had to drive down there to pick it up or "not declare" to the courier service what it was for them to ship.

I know that even something simple like 2 months ago when I was moving apartments, the moving company wouldn't touch my gas cannisters.

So even if you order 1-2 cans and if they're declared as gas, then customs will stop them. Or if customs scans/x-rays the package.

In other words, it's not worth the trouble.
Your best luck is to have a friend in a US Navy base who can then buy it in their shops since they have green gas there. And no, you can't go in a military base all by yourself I'm afraid. You can't even technically buy it yourself, has to be a military personnel.
Sounds similar to what I just experienced. I live in Tokyo and the surface shipped package was held up at Kawasaki.

Surface postal shipping was the first bite, this might not be a problem using a courier company it seems. The notification letter I received said it was to be disposed, but I called them up and heard the whole story anyway.

The second issue is customs regulation on gas. I was referred to the Yokohama customs office who then made me contact an inspections office. After that things did go smoothly. If it's personal use customs will permit imports, they monitor the number of shipments apparently. However each time you will have to go through the same 'tetsudzuki" process.

The postal service still will refuse to send it to a personal address, so I have to pick it up from Kawasaki during the weekdays.

I don't know about the international courier options, but it probably still works out cheaper then finding it locally. The amount of havok it creates all round is of course crazy inefficient, but how else could they create jobs in this country.

You're's so close, Kawasaki. My friend's was in Kobe.
Well, it's not illegal it seems, so there is some duty to get the parcel to you. More than likely Japan Post shipped it from Kobe to some post office in the Tokyo vicinity, I'm guessing - it's just normal addresses and some post offices which cannot accept the delivery of green gas, even though I see hfc134a, the usual stove gas bombes, even hfc22 (red gas!) is no problem :/ Such is the case of anyone/thing "non-registered" in this land...
Depends on which part you're referring to about the legality. Probably not illegal to own such things but I don't know about the shipping law. Or maybe it's a liability thing - if it's volatile they may not want to take it in case everything blows up and they may not have sufficient insurance coverage.

But he had to pick it up himself - wasn't shipped by Japan Post nor Kuroneko.
I was told by the customs officer owning the gas is legal for personal use, but not for distribution (selling)

Shipping the gas too is legal and up to the courier (Japan Post won't post to customer addresses)
So then it's a liability thing then.

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