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[Wanted] Ares/Star/CA SL9
or black SL8, complete or kit. No matter how old this thread becomes, please PM me! Blush
Go to Super Rajicon in Akihabara, I think I saw an SL-9 there last month. I am not sure if it is still there though.
Awesome, next time I am close by I may have to check it out...
However no doubt I won't be able to afford it at local store prices, so secondhand is ideal for me...
There are some on Yahoo Auction. I have picked up stuff for people in the past so PM me if you don't have an account.
Thanks very much for the offer Ginga!
I have been scouring yahooauc relentlessly lately...
That's the Ares SL8/Grey version.
Hanging out for a black rifle, so I can wait Tongue

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