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[SOLD] Tokyo Marui G36C Custom Blowback - 30,000 OBO
Hi All,
More house and kit cleaning as I make way for the new airsoft season. My crowded room = your savings.

I bought the G36C Custom Electric Blowback when it first came out in September, and used it 3 or 4 times. I keep buying G36 guns, and keep selling them. I just so constantly want to like them, but I just always go back to my M4.

This set includes:
Marui G36C Custom Blowback
4 Magazines
1 Classic Army M4 magazine adapter

Review and detailed pictures available here.

Video comparison with M4 blowback available here.

[Image: 428236_335705096479778_100001208726599_1...7956_n.jpg]
Hi! I am only interested in the taco pouches. Are you willing to sell them separately?
They cost me about 4,000 yen each, so I hate selling them at a huge loss. PM me an offer and I will consider it.
Sold pouches individually so updated price and description.
I might be interested please check PM :-)

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