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Iwate vs IOG 3rd. Crisis
How did this turn out Surgeon?
Oh. Sorry for the delay.
The game was good. Organization and work of HQ was flawless! There was a huge map with pin for every squad and radio reports every 5-10 min, so the HQ was in total control and it was like a real war. I have never been on a game like this! The thing that I didn`t like was that some of the squads were afraid to attack and die (in other words they preferred to stay alive rather obey the orders from HQ) and it was really difficult to get support from your own troops (even from attack squad!) when you try to push the front line forward. But anyway it was a great experience and organizers was very kind and friendly. There were around 170 players and about 3-5 photographers on this game. I will post a link to a photos as soon as my friends upload it into our gallery.

PS Sorry for my English.

Aliis inserviendo consumor.
Some photos from my teammate
Aliis inserviendo consumor.

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