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Iwate vs IOG 3rd. Crisis
Have anyone ever been to IOG game? It looks like really cool field and a lot of opportunity for tactical airsoft players. This year game will be on April 28-29. Is anybody interested?
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Any other info? A link?
Sorry. This is info about a field and previous games

And this is official page
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Field is six Tokyo Domes..... hope I can get off work...

Surgeon, you going?
Yes I am, but I think we will need to contact the organizers and somehow prove that we are decent players Big Grin I think it will not be a problem
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Looks cool. I will talk to some folks and see if we can get a group to join you.
Would you like us to contact you directly with numbers and co-ordinate it all through you?
Wow, that looks awesome. Too bad it's so far away from me (Nagoya).
(02-03-2012, 07:35 AM)GingaNinga Wrote: Looks cool. I will talk to some folks and see if we can get a group to join you.
Would you like us to contact you directly with numbers and co-ordinate it all through you?

It will be great. But first I will contact IOG and ask on what conditions can we join the game. Then we can apply as a team or a group.
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It seems like since Iwate was hit bad in the Earthquakes that they down graded the game this year.

The size of the field is gonna be half (3 Tokyo Domes) and about 100 people expected to play.

Last year they had boats and cars as transports, but this year looks like they won't be using vehicles. I guess this year the staff will be playing along side as well!

This is what I got off the link above :-)
It was written about last year. There is no info about this year.
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I contacted IOG and they gave me permition to participate in the game. If somebody interested in going there please contact me, but read rules and policy of that game in IOG web-page first.
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We contacted them but they were very uninviting and told us that they were more about military dress up than playing airsoft. We are going to bow out of this, as the reception and style of game doesn't warrant the 20,000 - 30,000 each of us was going to pay to get there and play.

Hope we can meet some other time.
Please let us know how it goes.
I'm pretty sure I'd blow them all away if I went full on with my MM or sniper setup, but whatever, they should at lest be nice about it...
hmmm. That is strange. We had no problems with them. They warned us that it is more milsim style than "shoot them all" and that we will have to respect and obey team leaders commands and that is all.
I will let you know how it goes.
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Hey, guys, you seems waver in IOG judgement. I read their Introduce, then, nnnm they states difficult thing, it's little bit funny to hear.
Like this,,,, "This is not a ordinaly survival game , this is Military Organized 'PLAY'" And states, Theme of 2012 will, we aiming, "The power of organization""Beauty? Smartness? of The Control""The big mass trainning of combat & tactics"
They said in a roundabout way in other words.
I cannot understand what they want to do, in spite of I am Japanese ,too.
I feel it's troublesome.

I think you foreigners might not be enjoyed at there, I think.
Trial will be allright, but I think it's
┐('~`;)┌ Just my impression.

Have a nice day, guys! Really, I hope.
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