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[SOLD] iCom Radio w/ PTT & Throat Mic
Hello all,

I'm selling my trusted iCom IC-4100 radio with the iCom PTT (Push To Talk) and Throat Mic.

It's all in perfect working condition but I did paint the radio to be a little more stealthy. I did it very carefully though and made sure to protect the screen and speaker so it's all good.
The PTT is particularly interesting since it allows to boost the Mic level independently from the volume, wish there was the same function on my Sordin.
The throat mic was used maybe 2-3 times top, it's iCom so good quality and communication is clear.

I'm only selling those because I changed radio, else it's a great radio and an awesome deal with all the accessories.

Selling it for 10,000 (Sorry, on hold already!)

[Image: iCom1.jpg]

[Image: iCom2.jpg]

[Image: iCom3.jpg]
Held for a special someone!
Sold and closed!

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