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[FOR SALE] TM G3-SG/1 + battery/charger ¥17000
I am going back home to Aus soon so I am selling my airsoft equipment.

TM G3-SG/1 -

I bought this about a year ago and haven't really gotten to use it. It's never been used in a game, it's never been shot outside at all actually. I played with it inside a couple of times. It's in great condition.

Also included is the battery and charger. A cheap 4x32 Scope. A Tokyo Marui Low Profile Mount For G3/MP5. And anything else airsoft related I find as I go through my stuff.

¥17000 for the lot.

If you have any questions just let me know.

[Image: 2zyze6b.jpg]
[Image: jsbqtx.jpg]
[Image: xdw684.jpg]
I might be interested bro, I sent you a PM :-)

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