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How many people typically attend DSKs public games?
What is the average estimated number of attendees? How many folks here will be showing up for some fun this Saturday? Big Grin
Quick follow-up question as well:

Does DSK allow the use of shooting glasses over masks?
I couldn't find the mask/glasses info on their site, but I recall when we played there a while back that they gave one of our team members stress about it.
Maybe they have changed the rule though.

As for numbers, I think the links I sent you are the best indication. I have been to games there with over 100, never less than 50, except for a night game that had 40 or so.

I will probably go on Saturday, but to do some testing rather than to play. Hope to see you there. Look for the big red beard Smile
Most fields I've been to prefer you wear proper goggles, and if you do wear shooting glasses, they generally ask you have a strap on them so they don't fall off your face.
Ginga, I checked out the blog on DSK's webpage, and the photos posted there indicate to me that shooting glasses are permitted; that's the only reference that I have.

I sure will look for ya, lol

Thank you for the feedback, Drifter. I think that I will look into snagging a strap.
Please forgive me, but I have yet another question. Would I be able to purchase BBs and gas at DSKs field? If so, would I need to reserve it in advance?
Again, can only speak of other fields, but generally basic supplies like gas and BB's are available. Reservations aren't required usually, but some places have a dude just show up early and ask if anyone needs anything, then he jets until the end of the day.
DSk has supplies and the staff are there all day.
Oh, Casleheart, are you in a little trouble with site general informations? Did you have all fixed by two kind guys? Shall I ask for that facility by phone in Japanese, instead of you?
Nexttime? Anytime will OK. Not only Castleheart but also everyone.
Sometimes, hard running, Oftentimes slow mover
Naka, forgive me, but I perceived your post as a sarcastic jab at me. After reviewing it, I was wrongfully making my own assumption. Please accept my sincerest apology.

I am deeply appreciative that you would call the facility and inquire to them in regards to my personal question. That is a surprising gesture of kindness; to take your own time to do something for a new guy is respectable.

Drifter, thanks for the information, I appreciate it. As you'd imagine, being in a new country makes it a little harder for one to seek out information that, typically, can be obtained very easily, if one is familiar with the proper channels. I think you've answered my question for me.

Naka, I think that I am OK!

Thank you very much, everyone.
I wouldn't worry about it, you learn through experience. After a few times out to Japanese fields you'll get a good sense of how things work in general out here.

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