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Question about batteries

I have an Intellect 3600 9.6V battery, and I have a charger that states that it supports 9.6V 1500 mAH. My question is, would there be any problem with going ahead and using this particular charger with my battery?

Since the milliamps are dissimilar, my only prediction is that the battery may take a little longer to charge, since the charger is underrated.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance, community.
@Castleheart There are no problem to use your charger for that battery.
Voltage is power rate, so it may needs to be supported, But 3600,1500,1800,2400,,,,,are the electric quantity rate, so little charger may takes long time to charging. It is only the problem. But I suggest, your charger states only for 1500? I think that one is co-packaged charger, not for general usage. Not for the one like a high-capacity battery that you have.
You can find a smart charger with computeraized one at about ¥6000 at RC Hobby Shop.
More info. especially, you'll can take at Radio Control Car shop. For example, "poweres JAPAN's (PERFECT 3000) "

Have a nice day!
Sometimes, hard running, Oftentimes slow mover
As Naka stated, your guess is correct, it'll probably take more time to charge is all. That said it would be worth the investment to get a smart charger that has a fast charge function for game days. It would allow you to charge a battery quickly during a lunch break so you don't have to worry about running out of juice at the end of the day. Look online and you can find good ones for about $20-30.
Thanks, you two, for the swift feedback.

I've attached two thumbnails of my charger. It seems that I can switch the amperage. However, I assume that I should probably keep it on the 1.5A setting for the purpose of my battery.

Is this the type of charger that you mentioned, Drifter? It seems to be the same charger that Naka mentioned, by the name of "Powers".
Disregard the thumbnail; it apparently didn't want to upload.
Here are the images:

POWERS JAPAN (company name)
products list , SJ Electronics
PERFECT 5000 ¥6500 ↓

You'll can buy it , at (Super Radi-con AKIHABARA)
It's the same shop with Super Gun AKIHABARA

Sometimes, hard running, Oftentimes slow mover
I use a BOL mini charger, but that ones seems to be about the same.

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