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Echo1 Stag M4 Upgrade
Original: Straight out of the box great gun. Perfect for play in the US, but it shoots too fast for play in Japan (390 FPS/ 118 MPS).

- Spring Downgrade (308 FPS / 94MPS)

- Magpul PTS MOE Grip, Hand guard, Stock
- Magpul AFG
- EOTech Holographic Sight
- Noveske KFH Adjustable Amplifier

Overall: Very happy with the new look. External mod was very easy. Being that I am still fairly new at this the spring change out couldn’t have been done alone (Thanks for the help Badsailor). I’m getting it, hopefully another gun with more upgrades in the near future.

Take care everyone,
Looks good!
Come join us on the 11th of February to try that bad boy out in the field Smile

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