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Looking to join a team or start one
Hello everyone,
As I posted in the reviews section, I just played my first game in Japan and it was a little difficult trying to work tactics with only one teammate (Badsailor). I and BS are really interested in joining a team here in Japan. If no takers are out there I am calling out all the Rogues like myself and we will form our own team. The Badsailor and I are ready to shoot every weekend for the next few weeks.
Let me know,
Gravy 215
TKO will be organising some private games and you're more than welcome to join. At least in my opinion, it's easier to sort out tactics in private games. The TKO organiser usually will come up with various scenarios (some as simple as Kill 'em All, Capture the Flag, or some other scenarios that add a little more spice like escort the VIP, Plant the Bomb, Search & Rescue, etc.). Each team will need to strategise their own approach and work in sub tactical teams.

The other would be a TKO member posting up a public game of which TKO members can participate as a team.

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