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Field OPS
Hello Everyone,
Well I played my first game here in Japan and it was an overall great experience. Me and my Airsoft mentor Badsailor headed to Field OPS located in Asao Ward, Kawasaki. Nice field and a good crowd. The price was reasonable (4000 Yen including parking), bentos were available for purchase, rentals were available for 2500 yen, Bio BBs and gas. Our total numbers were about 25 on each team, perfect for the size of the field. The greatest part was no reservations. Just show up, pay and go to battle. We played a total of 8 games starting at 1000 and ending at 1630. I will be back there in the near future.
Talk to you later,

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That's very good news. What sort of facilities did they have? How big was the field? What's the terrain like?
Here's my experience with the field with a few more pics: (also has a link to Ginga's experience there)

Overall if you live west of Tokyo, it's a relatively cheaper and faster alternative, but if you live in Tokyo, the Chiba fields would probably be a better choice. It's an OK field.

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