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Sources for upgraded/upgrading Marui Glock G18C AEP...?
As much as I like the feel of GBB, I got my pistol out this week and now remember how love/hate they can be, especially in cool weather.

I'd like to buy an Marui 18C AEP, but upgraded a bit...
I see that there are lipo adapters now...
...though the lipos that fit are still rated the same capacity? they give longer duration, or just higher ROF?

I's also like the FPS boosted to mid or high the point where reliability/accuracy and longevity are retained...

Anyway, are there places in Tokyo that sell or do upgrades...this time of year, I might have the time, but not the skill/patience for such mods...

Any assistance appreciated...!
I have the Lipo adapter and have had good results with it. I wrote a battery comparison here...

I have the USP, and had an upgraded spring put in it recently. Interestingly enough the spring was advertised as bringing it up to 280-300fps, but didn't do anything to increase the power. However, the sound of firing and the feel in the hand makes it obvious that the spring is putting way more stress on the internals, and the shop that did the spring work told me he was sure I would have a cracked gear box soon. Sadly it seems that reliability/accuracy is in direct competition with longevity if you do a spring upgrade.

I installed this spring...

There is an internal barrel upgrade that was on sale at Echigoya recently, but it was a longer one that required a silencer to cover the extra barrel length. Here is the G18C version. It seems to be sold out but you might be able to find it elsewhere.

Four of us on my team use the USP, and they are great out of the box. The hop is excellent, so the extra fps might not be completely needed. I would suggest that you keep the internals stock, get a longer inner barrel, and run the lipo battery on the G18C.
Lipos will give you an ROF boost over the standard Nimh batteries used. If you want an FPS boost you're going to need to invest in some internal upgrades like a new spring and piston, possibly new gears. I think Nine-ball might make parts for it, not sure. If you buy up all the parts and take it to an Echigoya, you might be able to get them to do the install for you, but I'm not sure the price. Parts aren't cheap though if I remember correctly.
Many thanks, Gentlemen!

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