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I've decided that I want to sell my SCAR, and my Troy M4 in order to fund my Mk18 Project.

I will add photos soon.




-Snake skin paint job (There's a picture of it fully rigged out in the Pictures Thread)
-Bought a CQB barrel for it with a barrel extended, so you can switch between a CQB SCAR and the Standard SCAR length barrel.
-Shoots at 94 m/s
-Used it for 3+ games, so it does have a few minor scratches.
-Includes 8.4v NiMh battery.
Price: Y25,000

King Arms Troy M7A1:



-Only used it once for a CQB game.
-Includes 11.1v LiPo.
-Includes 3 Midcap magazines.
Price: Y15,000

If you're interested or have questions let me know.
These are also up for trade for a TM M4 SOPMOD/SOCOM EBB.

Hey Zero,
Is this the same SCAR that you have mentioned on here?
The one with the rail issues mentioned in this thread...

And the wobbly barrel mentioned here?

Were you able to get these issues sorted or is it something the buyer would have to deal with?
The barrel is fixed, thanks to the new CQB/Std Barrel from Laylax I got - the things solid now.

As for the rail, no it's not fixed. So yes, the dealer will have to deal with that. The only reason why I haven't bothered fixing it is because I switched to an EOTECH 553 (the QD type) which fits, as well as the Marui offset high-mount for aimpoints, which also fits - and because I only use these 2 optics, there was no need for me to get it fixed.
Cool, KiwiGlen is in the market for a SCAR so I will have him check this thread.
thanks ginga, appreciate it.
UPDATE: I'm going to be around Echigoya tomorrow, and I'm going to ask them to send the SCAR in to get a new Upper Receiver.
King Arms Troy M7A1 held for Donperi

Update on the SCAR, I just sent it in to Echigoya today. Should be back in 3 weeks or so.

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