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Tokyo Marui's Repair Policy?
So my SCAR has a minor rail issue, and I haven't gotten around to sending it in - but I totally forgot the rail issue, and decided to paint it (there's a picture somewhere in the picture thread)

I decided I wanted to send it in now, while i'm sorta too busy to go airsoft, but I'm wondering if Tokyo Marui will accept, and replace the upper receiver even though I painted it...

I recently had a buddy call them, and they seemed to want the gun in as close to original form as possible. That said, my case is a little more extreme since I had both internal and external damage I tried to fix myself (replaced the lower receiver on my M4). I think you might be OK, but they'll probably swap out the rail entirely or something, so you might have to repaint. The impression I got was as long as you haven't made any serious physical modifications (like I have) it should be fine. Best to give them a call first if you can.

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