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[HELP] TM M4 SOPMOD, Free Float Rails?
I would wait until the adapter for the lipo battery comes out and then get it.
See my post here...
Indeed, makes sense. Keep in mind the restriction about the stock though.
I'm beginning to lean more to how Q modified his AR, and his use of the nunchuck LiPo, and sticking it into the RIS - especially now that LiPo's have dramatically dropped in cost. Therefore, I'm going to stick with my original M4A1 Carbine idea.

Thanks a bunch guys, and if any of you guys find something that can help, feel free to let me know Smile
FYI: you can do that with the DD AR15 Lite Rail but no guarantees with the RIS II, Mk18 nor Omega. The diameter of the AR15 Lite Rail is actually slightly larger that accomodates the nunchuck Lipo's but the other RIS II, Mk18 or Omega is smaller.

I'd suggest a trip to Echigoya to take a look them. Of course you can do some special custom to the outer barrels (like slim them down even further to make more room for the batteries) but your costs for customisation goes up dramatically.
Thanks Q. Well I figured that if each battery is about 6mm if thickness, there's atleast 6mm between the inside of the rail, and the barrel, and because the mk18 rail is two pieces, it shouldn't be that hard to fit them in if i pop the bottom rail off. But if all else fails, PEQ box Smile

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