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Corner Shooting
I'm still broke and I might not even ever get it, but out of curiosity, what is TKO's policy on that item?

Technically, this gives a clear sight of the target to make sure you don't shoot what you're not supposed to shoot, yet it's not a direct line of sight.
dang that's cheap....

My dad had one of these on his Real Steal AR, and I remember it costed a whole lot more...
I can't remember. I know we did discuss this amongst TKOSOC (at least the old TKOSOC members) back in 2007/2008 but I can't remember the conclusion. I need the old guys to remind me again if it's ye or ne.
I seem to recall you and Q having this discussion before Smile
:-(...that's only 9 mths ago and I already forgot. What's worse, the requestor who only recently turned 30 has forgotten he's asked the same question :-D. See, those little grey cells do at an exponential rate the minute you turn 30!
Urgh, I feel like and old man repeating myself. It's ok Q, the two of us we can have that same discussion again in a few months while "pretending" it never happened before. We found an easy way to entertain ourselves ^^.

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